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Dinafem Feminised Cannabis Seeds was finally born in 2005, after years of guerrilla growing in the Spanish mountains and intense study of all available growing guides and techniques. Dinafem Seeds' founder, Mister Green Finger, has studied his craft in England and in Holland and has dedicated much of his life to learning all about the cultivation of cannabis seeds, especially the feminised variety, and has set about proving that he can produce the highest quality cannabis seeds.
The companys primary motivation is to constantly achieve the highest quality possible, and that shows in the products that bear their name.  They go to great lengths to package and preserve their seeds to ensure high quality and conservation.

BLUE THAI is a cross of a Blueberry and a Thai Skunk. The result is a high-quality hybrid that is distinguished by its complexity.  
It is an outstanding, high-yielding, easy-to-grow, vigorous marijuana plant that flowers fast and produces big, compact buds covered in resin. Perfect for those who enjoy fruity strains.  Produces a medium-sized plant that performs well indoors and under sunny, dry, Mediterranean climates or in the greenhouse outdoors. Quite resistant to mould.  Has an intense flavour and aroma, with hints of citrus, exotic woods and berries. The effect  starts with a cerebral high that evolves into a long-lasting feeling of physical relaxation.
Genotype: Sativa/Indica   Indoor flowering period: 60 days    THC: high (13-16%)
FEMINIZED 3 seed pack $50  OUT OF STOCK

Cloud #9 (Critical+ x JYD Haze) Rapid growing, with the heavy harvests and intense flavour. We have tried to increase the psychoactive level as much as possible without excessively increasing the flowering time.  Critical+ is obviously the dominant part in the crossbreed, which matures slightly later but in exchange has greatly improved its flavour and effect.   The quantity and size of the resin produced by this hybrid much surpasses that of it's Critical+ genetics.  A small amount of these plants flower somewhat later due to the Haze genetics. It is recommended to allow these plants to mature in order to obtain a more intense flavour and effect.  Type:  70% Indica 30% Sativa  Flowering: 60 – 70 days  THC: 12%-19%  CBD: Medium  Production: High

Moby Hash (California Hash Plant x Mexican/Columbian/Thailand Haze) The sister plant to Moby Dick, showing many similarities. Although a sativa dominant strain its main features includes fast growth, vigour in all kind of situations, mould resistance, pine taste, high strength and an active and strong effect. Moby Hash produces more than its sister plant thanks to its cross with the California Hash Plant which raises productivity. It grows a lot, needing a good supply of fertilizer to maintain strong development. It also needs plenty of light and water. Light is a crucial factor, particularly indoors.  Flowering period: 60-70 days  THC:  16%·20%

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