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DR. UNDERGROUND from Spain offers FEMINIZED hybrids created from our own selections from the best seeds in the market with the purpose of offering the most exclusive and genetically selected cannabis seeds. We make all our own seeds.  Our seeds are 99.9 % feminized seeds.  We use the Silver Thiosulfate Solution (STS) method to feminize our seeds because we believe it is the best method. All seeds are sold in their original breeder packs. Our strains have been tested in different grow systems. As a result, they are high quality seed strains, which will delight growers.

A cross of Ed Rosenthal Super Bud X Chronic (Northern Lights x AK47) X Unknown Ruderalis.
Flowering Time: Short Flowering Time
Indica/Sativa: Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds
Medical Use: Increased Appetite , Pain Relief, Stress Relief
Pack of 2 seeds $30  Out of Stock

AUTO MELON GUM  Due to the great success of the original Melon Gum strain we now present the automatic version. This lady, which retains the features of the standard version, will be ready between 60-70 days from germination.
You'll love the variable odor between melon, strawberries and skunk, as well as her great resin production.
The size and final production as in all autoflowering plants, will seriously be influenced by your growing system and methods.
Does well in hydroponic or aeroponic systems as well as soil.
Flowering int - ext: 60 - 70 days from germination.
Production: Variable
Indoors under 400w: 35-50 gr per plant  Outdoors it depends on substrate
Hydro or Aero: 600 - 900 grams per square meter depending on watts.
Height: 30 cm and up to 1.5 meters  
Pack of 2 seeds $35  Out of Stock

BROOKLYN MANGO In creating this strain we started looking for plants with strong smell of Mango with a powerful structure of rock-hard buds. We started by our mother Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, selected from original Sensi Seeds, was chosen for its character and aroma of pineapple.  After testing different combinations we selected a mother of New York City Diesel from Soma Seeds for its mango/deisel aroma.  Suitable for the novice grower to the advanced grower. Good for SOG or SCROG.   Indoor:  8 to 9 weeks Pack of 2 seeds $40 or  Pack of 4 seeds $70

CRYSTAL M.E.T.H.  Our plant par excellence, it is an absolutely psychedelic experience. This is for fun, laughing and takes you to a higher level of understanding. Created from an selected ancestral Destroyer (Cannabiogen) mother, crossed with the famous Critical X (Bilbo) cut. The result is a heavyweight.  Very vigorous plant that needs to be controlled, perfect for cloning.  
In hydro/aeroponic systems we recomended put directly to 12/12, either from cuttings or seeds.  Goodfor SCROG or SOG.  Its flavor varies from spicy to a sharp penetrating aroma of skunk, reminisent of the sativas of old. Indoors: 8 to 10 weeks Outdoor: mid / late October Production
Pack of 4 seeds $75

KING KONG  This strain was developmed from an Ed Rosenthal Super Bud mother, an extreme sativa pollinated by our mother Chronic reversed, resulting in a rapid flowering plant, a lot of resin and large production. Well branched, with vigorous vegetative growth and an extremely short flowering period.  The flavors range from lemon, skunk and incense and the effect is quick and powerful, providing a state of happiness. Indoor: 7 to 8 weeks Outdoors: late September, early October. Recommendations: Aero and hydro crops, put directly into 12/12 Pack of 2 seeds $40

MELON GUM A delicacy in size extra large. This plant was originally a whim, looking to retain the flavor of the immense Lavender (Soma Seeds) between shades of melon and strawberry gum introduced a parental Bubblegum (Serious Seeds).  The aroma while growing may be quite strong, odor filtration recommended. Rapid growth rate so in hydro/aero should not be given vegetative time, it would be chaos.  When dry has flavour of lemon, berries and melon, very tasty. Indoors: 7 to 8 weeks (as early as 50 to 57 days) Outdoors: late September, early October. Pack of 2 seeds $40  OUT OF STOCK

PAINKILLER A hybrid created exclusively for medical use from Sensi Star (Paradise Seeds) hybridized with White Russian (Serious Seeds) .  It is one of the earliest known plants tested with different diseases such as cancer, glaucoma and chronic muscle pain.  The results were very encouraging, producing significant reduction of the adverse effects of chemotherapy. Providing a substantial increase in appetite, reducing the nausea and malaise. It is a plant of strong sedative and tranquilizing effect but will leave you with a clear head when you awake. It is also highly recommended for muscle aches.  Some phenotypes have high levels of CBD. Painkiller is a plant of medium size.  Indoor: 7 - 8 weeks  Outdoors: end of Sept.  Pack of 2 seeds $35

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