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EVA SEEDS (from Spain) is born with a spirit of providing the amateur growers with female seeds easily grown, good yielders and with a more than affordable price; and the experimented growers, with the opportunity to work with unique strains, with exquisite aromas and outstanding potencies. They are strains which have been selected because of their taste, yield and quality. In short, they are perfect for any grower. On the other hand, we respect shops or grow shops which carry out the selling of seeds and cannabis normalization and, therefore, we DO NOT sell directly to the public. Also, our seeds are exclusively addressed to the adult public, so that the stores which sell to the public must have access restricted to the underage.

BLACK DREAM SATIVA 50% INDICA 50%  is a powerful cross between Jamaican Dream and Black Domina.  Vigorous, well proportioned, sturdy growth.  Very potent, tastes and smells sweet, fruity and spicy .  Indoors change light cycle when about a foot tall, mature hieght is about 3 ft tall.  Yield 450gr/m2.  Outdoors must be planted between March and June in the Northern hemisphere maturing early October at about 6 - 9 ft tall with a yield of between 700 gr to 1 kg.  INDOOR FLOWERING: 45-55 days
FEMINIZED 3 seed pack $45  OUT OF STOCK

JAMAICAN DREAM  Eva Seeds' Jamaican Dream feminized marijuana seeds come from a selection of Jamaican landrance seeds which result in the fastest Sativa in the market, which can be harvested after 42-45 days of flowering, after the appropriate growth. Very compact and large buds. Powerful stimulating effect, funny and creative.
FEMINIZED 6 seed pack $75 OUT OF STOCK

MISSING IN BARCELONA a.k.a. M.I.B. SATIVA 50% / INDICA: 50% (Lesotho x skunk Haze) X original Blueberry  For very demanding users, for fruity/spicy taste and smell and cerebral strength. We recommend its use exclusively for highly THC tolerant users.  Requires high nutritional needs during flowering.  Multiple award winner:  1st prize at Cannabis Champions Cup 2005
•2nd prize at Revolta Verda Girona 2006  •2nd prize at Copa Gremi Grow Shops Catalunya 2007  •2nd prize at Copa Natura Verde (Hash Category) 2013  
FEMINIZED 3 seed pak $50
• END OF FLOWERING HEIGHT: 100 cm  55-60 Days
• WEIGHT/ YIELD (9 x meter): 50 to 70 g,
• OUTDOOR SOWING: between April and June
• END OF FLOWERING HEIGHT: from 1.8 to 2.5 m,
• OUTDOOR HARVEST: mid October
• WEIGHT/YIELD (in soil): between 500 g and 1 kg

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