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FRENCH TOUCH SEEDS is the first French bank of seeds, installed in Spain.  The French Touch Seeds team operates as a collective of passionate Breeders.  Although they had to answer to the growing demand in the current market which is focused on feminised seeds, they also promote the expert growers on regular seeds and conservation of their favorite strains, passions and practices.  They are particularly sensitive to the preservation of old varieties and are pursuing landraces from different corners of the globe.  Even their packaging has a unique touch placed in a wax sealed, eco-friendly hessian pouch.

DOUCE NUIT is a work of many years of crossing their precious Northern Light with a a Hindu kush. When the plant is in flowering you will see that it quickly gains height and the stems get fragile therefore it is recommended to use a support network, so that the stems do not break due to the weight of the buds! You will be amazed by its stability, taste and production! The relaxing effect is ideal for people who suffer from physical pain or have difficulties sleeping. It has a calming effect that relieves your muscle pains and its effective against insomnia.
Average height: 120 cm  Average indoor yield: 550 g/m²  Composition: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Indoor flowering time: 53 days  Outdoor harvest: Mid September  Average THC: 18%
FEMINIZED 3 seeds $50 Sold Out

FRENCHEESE is a cross between Super Skunk and Master Kush that has been recognized for its effectiveness against stress and its euphoric effect. A variety selected for its high resistance to heavy rain and mildew and other diseases caused by too much moisture.
Frencheese is a mostly Indica variety with a fast flowering and has an unforgettable taste of French cheese, so intense that it is not appreciated by all palates! It is recommended to use an air filtration system, installed before growing this variety unless you want to invite your neighbors for a 'fondue' of a very particular cheese...
Genetics : Super Skunk x M. Kush
Indoor : 60-65 days  Outdoor : Sept- Oct
Yield : 550g/m2  Indica 70% Sativa 30%
FEMINIZED 3 seeds $50 Out of Stock

SATIVA des ROIS After an extensive selection of AK-47, French Touch have combined the features of the best sativa AK-47, one that is flowering relatively early at a maximum of 65 days indoors, making it possible to cultivate a high quality sativa for the less patient farmers. The most experienced farmers will love its high level of THC and will not be disappointed by the attention given to this noble lady seeing the result of the harvest. Sativa des Rois is ideal to have as a mother plant for its small size and compactness ideal for producing large quantities of clones.  
Outdoors, this lady does not like lots of humidity, because it produces big sativa buds! If you are in a wet region pick a well ventilated area, if it´s possible "open" your plant with strings or a net to let the sunlight pass to the lowest parts of the plant. The Sativa des Rois is ready to be harvested in mid-October.
Genetics : Old School Ak47
Indoor : 65 days
Outdoor : Sept - October
Yield : 500g/m2
Indica 25% Sativa 75%

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