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The House of the Great Gardener has been working with compassion clubs across Canada for over a decade, gathering the best medical strains, honing their selection of Indicas and Sativas. Their goal is to provide seeds of strains that work. They believe there is a psychological benefit just knowing that you have the seeds of a strain that when grown will make you feel better.
Quality and control have always been a top priority, quality seeds that produce quality medicine. The House of the Great Gardener’s feminized line consists of top genetics.

BARBARA BUD is a superstar for so many reasons. This Shishkaberry/Afghani cross is fast flowering and easy to grow. Best of all, she produces super frothy nugs–extreme trichome coverage–and an unbelievably fruity fragrance that makes for some great hash.
Genetics - Shishkaberry X Afghani
Variety – Sativa/Indica
Seed – Feminized and Regular
Flowering time – 7 weeks
6 seeds for $100 OUT OF STOCK
2nd place 2014 Karma Cup, Toronto
2nd place 2014 Dab-A-Doo, Amsterdam
3rd place Legends of Hash (collaboration with Sweet Grass Extracts)
3rd place Neder Hash dry sift, 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup
1st place 2014 Treating Yourself Expo - Solventless Extract
1st place Spannabis 2014 - Non Solvent Category at Resin Club's DAB-A-DOO... a collaboration with Bubbleman

Digweed is another House of the Great Gardener creation, is a Sweet Tooth/Afghani cross, named after our 18 year-old-cat that loves to eat weed. Sweet Tooth delivers pain relief and a blissful stone. Afghani makes this a fast branching, early finisher with big, tight, purrrfect nugs.
6 seeds for $100  RESTOCKED!
Genetics - Sweet Tooth X Afghani
Variety – Indica/Sativa
Seed – Feminized and Regular
Flowering time – 7 weeks

GG #1 (Formerly known as Afghani)  Ideal for those suffering from pain.
One of our favourites, this is a classic Afghani - a pure medicinal Indica – our top painkiller. The buds are beautiful with a lovely deep hash fragrance and a smooth, smokey flavour. The plant has a fantastic pine-tree structure and is easy to grow. What more can you ask for? How about potential for high yields with lots of resin... We love this strain.
6 seeds for $100
Genetics - Afghani #1
Variety - Pure Indica
Seed - Feminized or Regular
Analysis - THC 16.00%, CBD 0.66%, CBN 0.05%
Flowering time - 8 weeks

HAOMA Original Award Winning Strain
This lovely lady is a gem in the House of the Great Gardener's collection. We crossed the Purps with the GG #1 to give the Purps a stronger structure, and the best phenotypes were put to the members of a local compassion club to choose their favourites. By popular demand we created an Indica dominant cross with a super fruity aroma. She flowers early and produces small but heavy tight nugs.
Genetics - Purps (f) X GG#1 (m)
Variety - Indica/Sativa (70% - 30%)
Seed - Feminized or Regular
Analysis - THC 14.00% CBD 0.20% CBN 0.40%
Flowering time - 7 to 8 weeks
6 seeds for $100
3rd place 2012 Treating Yourself Expo - Seed Company Indica
1st place 2011 Treating Yourself Expo - Compassion Club category
2nd place 2011 High Times Cup - Concentrate part of the Hydra Hash

JEAN GUY A favorite in Compassion Clubs across Canada
A Quebec-born legend made famous by the Montreal Compassion Club, the Jean Guy is a Sativa dominant cross, a pungent euphoriant with a citrus/skunk smell indicative of its strong buzz. It grows quickly producing thick lateral branches and heavy colas. Jean Guy was featured in the first ever marijuana ad in the New York Times.
Variety - Sativa/Indica (60%-40%)
Seed - Feminized
Analysis - THC 25.00%, CBD 1.40%, CBN 0.08%
Flowering time - 10 weeks
6 seeds for $100 OUT OF STOCK

Another Canadian legend, the René is rumoured to come from a Himalayan Indica crossed with a Skunk#1 male. She has beautiful emerald-green popcorn style buds, smells strong and fruity, and she’s super stony.
Genetics – Himalyan Indica (f) X Skunk #1 (m)
Variety – Indica/Sativa
Seed – Feminized
Flowering Time – 7-8 weeks
6 seeds for $100

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