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"It ain't fair, John Sinclair... In the stir for breathing air" - John Lennon
John Sinclair Seeds is the line of connoisseur cannabis seeds which honours both superior quality and the political march towards cannabis legalization. In cooperation with Ceres Seeds, all handpicked and exclusively selected, John Sinclair has developed four stable F1 varieties which all capture, in their own way, the essence of a connoisseur’s choice.
John Sinclair became a heroic icon of counterculture and of cannabis activism when he
was arrested in 1969 for giving two joints to an undercover agent. He was sentenced to 10 years for possession of marijuana.  
John’s imprisonment sparked the landmark  'Free John Now Rally' in Michigan in 1971
with a significant presence of influential personalities, including John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Stevie Wonder, Pete Seeger, Alan Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffmann, and many others. John Lennon recorded the song “Free John Sinclair” on his album Some Time in 1972. Afterwards Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the state’s marijuana laws were unconstitutional, John was released three days after the rally.  John remains a pro-cannabis activist, and lives in the Netherlands.

Trans-Love (Sativa x Indica) x Sativa
John Sinclair Sativa, known as ‘Trans-Love’ is a prime specimen of the celebrated  tropical Cannabis Sativa, which allures connoisseurs worldwide with its lucid, cerebral effect and boost of energy. There is no better fuel for a creative mind than a garden of top quality Sativa!
As any good Sativa dominant variety, ‘Trans-Love’ has a pungent smell with a spicy, fruity scent. you’ll find yourself inspired and motivated. So get ready to be creative!
Flowering: 70-75 days Yield: 0.9-1.1 gram per Watt of light
NOW IN STOCK! REGULAR seeds - Pack of 10 $80

WHITE PANTHER  aka: John Sinclair Indica x Sativa aka : John Sinclair's White and fka White Smurf.  Ceres Seeds’ original Cannabis Cup winner White Smurf has been renamed White Panther to honor poet, radio maker and cannabis hero John Sinclair who co-founded the legendary White Panther party in 1968.  The multiple award winning White Panther, f.k.a. White Smurf, is the original white dwarf. It is an excellent strain, the connoisseur's favorite, and a multiple winner at the Cannabis Cup. It is a compact, white plant, with a dense cover of sparkling crystals. It is suitable for the 'sea-of-green' method, and will give a high yield in good conditions. White Panther buds are sticky and delicious, and gives an extraordinary effect. Fans of the White Panther highlight its smooth taste, pleasant daze and dreamy, sensual buzz. This is the perfect choice for anyone with a taste for excellence.  Indica 50 / Sativa 50   Origins: Northern Lights x Skunk #1 x pure sativa
Flowering: 45-55 days   Harvest: early OctoberFlowering: 50-60 days  10 REGULAR SEEDS $90

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