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Med-man Brand has been operational unofficially since 1998 and the company is head quartered in Manitoba, Canada.  These strains have won awards at Treating Yourself Expo in 2012 and 2013 in Toronto.  These strains have recently won six TY Cup trophies at the Champs Cannabis Expo in 2014.
All seeds are Regular/Non-Feminized and come in packs of 10 seeds for $50

CONKUSION (OG Kush x Afghani) 1st Place Hybrid at the Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup 2014! 4th place - TY Expo 2012
Also known as "Maple Ridge Kush". Tastes exactly how it smells. Very pungent and kushy with a nice sweet bottom, no ceiling, this plant can be smoked all day with increased effect. Indoor flowering 60 days, the longer the better but can be taken earlier for a more up beat effect. Works well for migraines. OUT OF STOCK

HEADBAND  Won 1st place in Toronto at the 2012 Treating Yourself Expo. (Sour Diesel Kush 10/50 (OG Kush x East Coast Sour Diesel) - Won 1st Indica in the Michigan Medical Cup (submitted by Leafdoctor) 2013.  The taste is very kushy and piney, with an added sour flavor on the exhale. Has both Sativa and Indica qualities Expect extreme fast growth and stretch with large buds.  More for active and daytime. Powerful, cerebral effect.  Medical Uses: Depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, nausea, migraines, pain relief, muscle spasms.  Flowering 10-12 wks subject to pheno and conditions.

LADYBUGS BUBBA -From a clone from Chilliwack B.C., Med Man used a Tahoe OG Kush male that was similar in growth pattern to outcross. these F-1's are avialble now.  Great vigor, somewhat stretchy, finishes at 8 weeks but can go 60-70 days depending on conditions.  According to MedMan it is very similar to Trainwreck. Very large branchy type strain, great for large tree like growth.  Powerful body and head effects with unmatched taste.  Can finish at 8 weeks but preference is to let it go 60 to 70 days, varies subject to grow conditions.  OUT OF STOCK

LADYBUGS OG (Afghani Kush x OG Kush). Ladybugs OG known for big yields, good for cloning.  Short and stocky.  The OG contributes to the stretch and flavour but the AK provides the short, stockiness and rock, hard buds. The offspring are really nice specimens.  Indoor flowering 8 to 9 weeks.  

PAINKILLER   (Langley Kush #1 x- Afghanica) - lemon x fuel, but not as sharp as an OG Kush. Good for pain relief. Euphoric, a true hash plant with not much stretch, a bit slow to veg compared to my other Afghanicas.  Indoor flowering 60-70 days.  3rd place tie in the THC competition 2012 & 1st in Indica Category in 2013 at TY Expo.  Placed 1st place in the Medical Patients Cup in Vancouver Island 2012 OUT OF STOCK

SILVER SURFER Its a Silver Skunk (Two time winner of TY Expo 2012 & 2013) x Hawaiian Kush - both parents are legends. A blend of cool blue cheese and tropical dankness in flavor. Hawaiian Kush brings in a nice yield from the smaller Silver Skunk variety. It has Neon green nugs and a positive, happy, and social type of smoke.  Indoor flowering 55-65 days

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