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Simply Female Seeds were bred in the UK and then grown out in Holland. Simply Female Seeds took some of their best underground marijuana strains that had been passed around in cutting form throughout the northern expanses of the United Kingdom for 10 years or more. Having acquired some very nice African/Asian Landrace cannabis strains that were producing some very uniform results Simply Female Seeds used the males from these marijuana strains to pollinate their underground cannabis strains to attempt to transfer the best of both parents into the cannabis plants that resulted. After ensuring that results were as uniform as possible the resulting 5 marijuana strains they offer set themselves above the rest.

Dragons Breath is a sure fire winner for those looking for a heavy, sweet, classic MJ taste and smell. May need topping off but if allowed to reach full height this lady will reward you with thick dense buds that explode in the last 2 weeks. Dragons Breath has a clear uplifting high that makes you soar.  Classic Tastes and aroma.  THC - 19% Phenotype - Sativa/ Indica
Pack of 6 FEMINIZED seeds $60 OUT OF STOCK

Highland Sunshine has a feel good high that is both potent and long lasting. She has really heavy branches that will need to be staked to ensure maximum growth and to avoid damage to the plant. Highland Sunshine have a citrus sweet flavour, with dense heavy buds, multi branched.  THC - 16%   Phenotype - Sativa/Indica  Flavour - Fruity  Pack of 6 FEMINIZED seeds $60

Honey Haze renowned for both its sweet honey taste and amazingly quick, up high, this sativa is sure to be appreciated by connoisseurs. The plant has very heavy buds with little leaf, the main branches are very dense, but its shortened height keeps yields. Real forgiving, Honey Haze is a mistress you will be glad you kept to yourself and sure to pass around to only close friends.  
THC - 16%   Phenotype - Mainly Sativa  Flavour - Honey Sweet Hash
Pack of 6 FEMINIZED seeds $60

Mega Lemonista provides a tropical sweet buzz that has a distinct lemon taste. We have found that she will thank you for a little extra headroom. Branches are again heavy with the main branches needing some support in the final 3 weeks. Really tight calyx.
THC - 17%   Phenotype - Sativa/ Indica  Flavour - Lemon  

Spineapple is based on a Nepali land strain, the electric high really leaves your spine tingling. A pineapple configuration to the plant gives you a broad dense bud with fat leaves, that do turn purple in the right conditions. Old school tastes that will take you back.  THC - 17%   Phenotype - Indica  Flavour - Strong Hashy
Pack of 6 FEMINIZED seeds $60  OUT OF STOCK

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