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Crazy Diamonds Seed Company specializes in unique blends of cannabis currently unavailable anywhere else. Our seeds should produce plants with enviable characteristics for potency, structure, aroma, flavour and growth rates.  The owners of Crazy Diamonds Seeds have been involved with cannabis for almost forty years and have decided to develop and offer our expertise and intimate knowledge of our favourite plant to like minded individuals around the world.
Our number one priority to our customers is integrity. All of our strains are guaranteed to have been tested by at least five separate growers. All of our seeds have been grown organically and come with a germination guarantee. MADE IN CANADA. ALL seeds are REGULAR.
Packs of 10 seeds for $60.00

Crazy Diamonds Seeds - Afghani Lights

Afghani Lights (Atomic Lights X landrace Afghani)To be able to sit and watch the Northern Lights of Canada one can't help but relax and be filled with a certain feeling of euphoria. You too will have the same feelings as you watch this gal take off and flourish right before your very eyes. This 95/5 Indica/Sativa hybrid comes from the joining of a strain used extensively for testing to determine viability of medicinal marijuana specifically for relaxation and blissfulness and one of the finest top ranking indicas in the world. Both parent strains have well established reputations for being fast, easy growing indoor strains.   Expected Results:   Flowering - 55-60 days Height - 1 meter   Yield - 375-425 gm/m2

Crazy Diamonds Seeds - Bubble Assault

BUBBLE ASSAULT  This unique 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid cross of Bubbleberry and AK47 combines the rich, smooth, hint of fruit taste of the Bubbleberry and the spiced, sandalwood aroma of AK47, thus making for a very pleasant smoking experience. The strain offers an easy introduction to producing your own medicine and should result in a tall plant with substantial girth that will reproduce large dark resinous buds glistening with trichomes. The combination of the two strains makes it an excellent choice for indoors and an option for good results outdoors that seems to resist spider mites. Bubble Assault has a tendency to promote a long lasting, immediate effect that reduces stress, while leaving the user alert.
Expected Results : Flowering - 57-62 days   Height - 1 meter   Yield - 325-375 gm/m2

Crazy Diamonds Seed Company - Cindys Bubbles

CINDY'S BUBBLES  (Cinderella 99 X Bubbleberry) Cindy's Bubbles is the champagne cross of the Crazy Diamonds Seed Company.   Great care and attention has been invested in her development. We have tried to perfect a strain that offers not only a scant 50 days to flowering, but above average yields of crystal covered buds reeking of tropical fruit aroma.  Cindy's Bubbles made her auspicious debut at the Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto in June 2011. She is a 65/35 Sativa/Indica hybrid.
Crazy Diamonds Seeds is truly excited to finally offer medicinal cannabis consumers a magnificent strain which produces a slightly hazy, energetic, happy, pain and stress relieving high. Cindy's Bubbles was tested in 2012 by Steep Hill Labs and came in at 20.38% THC.  Expected Results:   Flowering 50-57 days   Height - 1 meter   Yield - 325-375 gm/m2

Crazy Diamonds Seed Company - Dream Police

Dream Police This is a 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid created by crossing Crazy Diamonds Dreamy Bubbles and AK47. This plant has been designed for the beginner, resistance to spider mites, for its large buds, spiced aroma and sweet, floral taste with just a hint of fruit. Dream Police is happy with most growing methods and one can expect a tall plant with pungent sticky flowers, a considerable sized girth with a distinct aroma, proper ventilation is recommended.  Medicinal results can be an immediate, extended high, great for activity where the reduction of pain and stress are crucial. Expected Results:  Flowering 57-62 days Height - 1 meter Yield 400-450 gm/m2

Crazy Diamonds Seed Company - Dreamy Bubbles

Dreamy Bubbles Dreamy Bubbles is an exquisite strain with flavourful results. A 85/15 Indica/Sativa hybrid blend of Bubbleberry and land race Afghani it has proven to produce large buds, excellent strength and a rich, smooth taste.   This strain is easy to grow, quite happy in most growing methods and has a tendancy to resist spider mites. The outcome of is lots of resin, heavy compact yields true to its genetic breeding that makes it a very good choice for beginners. Results for those using Dreamy Bubbles as medication, should be a happy, euphoric feeling helping to reduce stress and pain, followed by the relaxation needed to battle insomnia.  Like it's name Dreamy Bubbles is a dream to grow, a dream to smoke and a dream come true among those seeking medicinal relief. Expected Results:  Flowering - 60 - 65 days Height - 1 meter Yield - 400-450 gm/m2

Crazy Diamonds Seed Company

Star Runner This new strain seems to work best for those suffering from nerve and muscle damage along with possible relief from seizures.  
Crazy Diamonds Seeds Company has taken the cannabis favourite, Bubbleberry, deemed a perfect hybrid and crossed it with none other than the BC legend Romulan to produce a delicious, potent, narcotic stone.   The hardy and spider mite resistance plant with an unmistakable pine smell makes the duo a perfect union and certainly one of the top genetically developed medicinal marijuana strains available on the market to date.   Star Runner has proven to be a winner among outdoor growers and has easily withstood the outside elements. She has thrived in frosty conditions of up to 4 days in a row, in very poor gravelly soil and with little or no food and still has produced 6-foot towering plants, seemingly unscathed by challenging circumstances.   This exclusive blend and balance of genetics is rapidly gaining notoriety across the country from devoted fans. Expected Results :   Flowering = 57 - 62 days   Height = 1 metre   Yield = 300 - 325 gm/m2

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