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Digital Genetics is a new Canadian breeder. Their goal is to create new varieties of medical marijuana seeds with exotic terpene profile and unique looks.  Strains are high yielding and vigorous for the new or seasoned grower. Their strains are crossed with some of the best cannabis seed genetics available on todays market. The collection is done by hand, ensuring the best selection under constant control of temperature and humidity for optimal preservation. The maintenance and development of their genetics is performed from the results of 100% organic crops and they have a marvellous reputation for high quality seeds.  MADE IN CANADA!  All seeds are REGULAR and come in packages of 13 seeds for $60.

Albino Fire Skunk OG Male: White Fire OG # 3 X Snowlotus X Female: Pineapple Skunk    Indica/Sativa: 45/55    Flowering time: 56-65 days Yield: Very Big  Stretch: 2x
Smells will be berry, floral, burnt rubber background on the Pineapple Skunk leaning phenos and straight gas, watermelon to rubbing alcohol. and my personal favorite which is dominant on this strain..(peach flavored baby powder) she is a great strain for breeding projects. These plants stink in veg and really emit odors as they kick into flower. Precautions should be taken. Flowering times go from 8 to 10.5 weeks depending on phenos. Expect to see dense and colorful buds glazed with resin.

Digital Dream Male: White Fire OG#3 X Snowlotus X Female: Blue Dream  Indica/Sativa: 40/60
Flowering time: 60-73 days  Yield: Monstrous  Stretch: 2.5x
This strain loves topping and LST...she produces large dominant colas, so pruning her into a bush with many tops is the most beneficial way for her to produce. Light to medium feeder great all day smoke with no crash...the flavor ranges from fresh Lemon to Funky Blueberry. They will finish around ten weeks of flower with some phenotypes taking an additional week . Giant, jagged, leaves power sativa spears that pack a dizzying high and tickle the nose with exotic terpene profiles with huge hand sized buds.

The Wifi Connection Male: White Fire OG#3 X Snowlotus X Female: White Fire OG#3 X Snowlotus Indica/Sativa: 35/65
Flowering time: 60-73 days  Yield: Huge  Stretch: 2.5x
Are you connected? If not, you NEED to be! This strain will download all over your senses! A moderately easy grower. You will need to stake this girl up. Her branches grow a bit too thin to support the bud weight close to harvest. There is some space between nodes, but each node will produce a beautiful golf ball sized bud coated in giant trichromes, with fat swollen calyx! Harvested at 56 days and the smoke is incredibly potent.  Terrific for pain management. Left feeling very medicated, but ready to start the day. This strain has a subtle OG smell profile, but pepper/spice is more dominant in the taste. Hints of fruit.  Growing difficulty- 3 out 5. (You will need to control her, or she will go crazy. Medicinal effectiveness- 5 out of 5.  For those who like to get Stoned- 5 out of 5. Finished Bud appearance - 5 out of 5.

White Fire Widow OG Male: White Fire OG # 3 X Snowlotus X Female: White Widow  Indica/Sativa: 45/55
Flowering time: 60-70 days  Yield: High Yields  Stretch: 2.5x
This relaxing and soothing herb hits both highs and lows. The flavors invigorates mental processes while facilitating physical release. Let these glorious heads treat your insides with old school flavors and holistic vibes These white honey buds produce herb that we hope you enjoy a potpourri of lemon and tropical smoothie flavors mixed in with our classic original diesel flavor. The White Fire Widow OG has high yields with tremendous resin production. . Expect a very sturdy plant that loves to bend and branch and to see world class resin production and flavors more complex than original white widow.

Grape Snow Train
This strain was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She displayed vigorous growth in veg, and responded very well to multiple topping sessions. All tops transformed into dominant colas after about 10 days of stretch when switched to flower. She took all the veg nutes I could throw at her, following the REMO nutrient regiment. Flowering set in quickly and top bud sites were clearly visible by the end of week 1. Trichromes started to develop by the middle of week 3. I harvested at day 56 and am overly pleased with the end result. Sticky frost covered buds that jam up my hand grinder. A very heavy stone that leaves you wanting a weed nap about 2 hours later. I wouldn't recommend this strain if you are trying to be productive. I would DEFINITELY recommend this strain if you want your pain to melt away after a few puffs. Excellent for use as a sleep aid. Tastes of subtle Grape fruit with some spice. Smells similar, with the fruity notes really coming through with curling. Thick lung fulls of smoke on the exhale. Very satisfying.

Snowfire Isis Kush Male:White Fire OG#3 X Snowlotus X Female:Afghani #1  Indica/Sativa:60/40
Flowering time:55-59 days Yield:High Yields
Classic Afghani at its finest, with a twist! Another easy grower, that will keep you guessing. She vegged exceptionally well, and loved being topped multiple times. Stretch lasted just under two weeks. Flowering set in quick fast with this strain, not noticing dominant top bud sites until around the end of week 2. Trichromes production did not start to take off until around week 3, but when it did, it went crazy. Buds looked to be growing quite slowly until week 5 then was like they woke up from a long nap and didn't slow down until harvest at 56 days. I could have waited another week for extra bud size, but not necessary. Smells very sweet, with a few other floral notes. Taste sweet, with a bit of spicey. Smooth on the lungs. I would HIGHLY recommend this strain as for daytime use. Probably not the best choice for before bed.

The White Star Male:White Fire OG # 3 X Snowlotus X Female:Critical Sensi Star  Indica/Sativa:40/60  
Flowering time: 58-63 days  Yield:She Produces Stretch:2.0x
This strain is a unique orange and yellow looking resin tint to it. You will wonder how she is white then turns out different colours later till she matures, A very good hardy Strain against mold and Stress and that will have high medical value and smells like citrus fire then some skunky mint . She will be a great easy plant to grow and very fast vegging , she gets Big, make sure to have supports for those buds.

SnowBerry Blue  Male:White Fire OG # 3 X Snowlotus X Female:Strawberry Blue Indica/Sativa:30/70
Flowering time:60-70 days  Yield:Good YieldsStretch:2.0x

Want Some Strawberries !! Strawberry Blue is Pure Strawberry stabilized with male hybrid New Blue Line then hit with a White Fire and a White Pheno Snowlotus to make a very fruity strawberry type of strain. A nice mix of colours on the buds that will amaze you with resin. If you want a different looking strain , here it is.

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