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NGSC was started in 1997 in Vancouver BC Canada, primarly focused on regular seed strains from western Canada for the first 10 years. Their strains became a trusted source in the BC medicinal marijuana community. Several BC cannabis cups were won, and in 2009 Next Generation Seed Company was inducted into the “High Times Magazine, Hall of Fame”. Jorge Cervantes’s first grow videos also featured many of their gardens.  
In 2008 NGSC moved to Europe and spent nearly 9 years in Holland and Spain continuing to breed with their Canadian genetics. There they perfected feminized and autoflower seeds. These travels were a great opportunity as a plant breeder to see how their strains performed in different climates.  Jason Baker founder and breeder of Next Generation Seed Company is known the world over as Jay Generation or Romulan Jay.  2017 not only marks 20 years in the cannabis breeding industry, but their return to Canada!

AFGHANI KUSH (100% Indica) Selected from an Afghani Kush whose genetics originate from British Columbia, Canada. Created with a popular Afghani/hashplant from late 90s Vancouver that was hybridized with the original BC Kush circa 1998. A fast flowering Indica variety with dense buds. Grows great indoors for large production SOG gardens, also grows fast and strong outdoors. The large rounded buds that shine with resin are easy to trim.   Flowering Time:  50 days – Indoors    THC: 17.5%   CBD: 1.4%

AUTOFLOWER FEMINIZED 5 seeds @ $50 75% Indica 25% Ruderalis (75 days start to finish)

BC EARLY BLUEBERRY (Indica 80%, Sativa 20%)
Our faster flowering version of the Blueberry that was selected from DJ Short genetics in the late 90s in British Columbia, Canada. Medium size plants with strong growth, indoors and outdoors. Dense buds and thick smoke. We originally hybridised it with the Sweet Pink Grapefruit and backcrossed it with the Blueberry clone for several generations giving it a sweeter taste.  Flowering Time: 55 days Indoors   THC: 20% CBD: 0.5%
FEMINIZED 5 seeds @ $50  Restocked

75 days start to finish. recommend planting outdoors approx. June 5-10 for a harvest at the end of August. 5 seed pack @ $50

BC GOLDEN SKUNK (Grape Skunk X Skunk#1) Grows vigorous mid-to-large size plants with large yields. Created from our old classic “Grapeskunk” and an original Skunk #1. We selectively bred this variety to be grown 3-4 feet tall with 4-6 foot long colas per plant/ 4 plants per light.  Ideal strain for commercial growers.  Strong aroma and potent high.  Flowering Tiime: Indoors: 60 days Outdoors: Oct 15  17-19% THC 0.8% CBD
FEMINIZED 5 seeds @ $50

BC PURPS (Mostly Indica) Selected from Purple Kush originating in BC, Canada. Its a very resinous variety that grows bushy with lots of branching. Strong odor and taste. Grows great in sea of green method. Medicinally, its good for conditions requiring a sedative/calming effect.
Flowering time:  Indoors: 60 days Outdoors: Sept 25  THC: 18%-20%  CBD: 0.3%

CHEMDOG MILLIONAIRE (Chemdog x Guava-Indica Dominant) Top yield, top resin! Its an Indica dominant superstar! Long club-like buds on top and dense golfball size nuggets below. Suburb selection between Chemdog and Guava we created a few years ago. The Guava mother was the original cutting from New York, famous for its heavy yields and effects.. A beautiful resinous Chemdog male was used and the resulting offspring have been amazing!
Flowering Time:   Indoor: 55 days  THC: 22%   CBD: 0.9%

Critical Magic  This hybrid between Critical Bilbo and Grapefruit is a pleasure to grow and smoke. Its very aromatic and tasty. A joint will maintain its flavor all the way down to the roach. The plants are very branchy and a clone makers dream. The buds are dense, round and easy to grow.  Genetics: Mostly Indica Flowering Time:  Indoors: 50-55 days Outdoor: Sept 25
THC: 17%-20%  CBD: 0.8%
FEMINIZED 5 seeds @ $50

DYNAMITE (Indica 75%, Sativa 25%) Our Dynamite is the classic fruity smoke, sweet grapefruity taste and aroma all the way through.. Its fast flowering and large producing strain. Originally breed as a stabilized version of the famous British Columbia Grapefruit strain. Very versatile plant. Very high in grams per watt..
Flowering Time:   Indoors: 50 days  THC: 20%   CBD: 0.7%
FEMINIZED 5 seeds @ $ 50  Restocked

about 80 days from start to finish. 5 seeds @ $50

GRAPE GOD (Sweet Pink Grapefruit x Godbud) Fruity buds with large yields. This squat Indica is designed for the personal or production grower. Easy to clone. Very dense resin formation. Powerful Indica with extreme resin production. Large yields in any grow system. Originally it was a hybred between the Original Sweet Pink Grapefruit and the parent strain of Godbud.
Flowering Time:  Indoors: 55 days   THC: 19%   CBD: 0.9%
FEMINIZED 5 seeds @ $55 Restocked

GRAPEFRUIT CHEESE Great tasting hybrid with an extremely strong smell. It is a very branchy strain and a huge producer indoors or outdoors.  Indoor: 55 days   THC: 20%   CBD: 0.9%
FEMINIZED 5 seed @ $50

GRAPEFRUIT KUSH (BC Kush X Grapefruit)This cannabis strain is a cross between BC Kush and Grapefruit. It produces large buds with a fruity hash taste. Very enjoyable smooth smoke, creamy flavour with a great high. It is a versatile strain and thrives being grown as a large plant or in Sea of green method.. Great for the beginner or the professional grower. We recommend this strain for many medical users.
Flowering Time:   Indoor: 55 days  THC: 19%   CBD: 1.1%
FEMINIZED 5 seeds @ $ 50 Restocked

ISLAND SWEET SKUNK (Indica 25%, Sativa 75%)  The Island Sweet Skunk from Next Generation Seeds is a classic. Much more pungent and thick smoking than your average Skunk, and alot better producing too. Perfect for sea of green growers. Don’t grow it with too many main tops indoors, likes to grow as a single cola but will branch a lot if topped. Outdoors in Southern California or Spanish coastal type climates they get huge and can yield many pounds per plant. It’s the ultimate in Sweet Sativa’s that produce big, really big,, with no compromise on quality.  The sweet, spicy taste of the ISS is amazing and very special. Intense and very sedating. Keep these buds in a smell proof place, its one of the strongest smelling and heaviest hitting strains in the Next Generation arsenal. A pleasure to grow and smoke.
-1st place winner of the Harvest Cup in British Columbia for 2 years straight.  On the cover of Skunk Magazine!
Flowering Time:  70 days – Indoors   THC: 23%  CBD: 0.8

GRAPEFRUIT DIESEL Fruity Indica/Sativa hybred with a large yield. Fast growing, mid-sized plants. Grapefruit Diesel is a very versatile strain that grows excellent indoors or outdoors, in soil or hydroponics systems. Extremely potent. Always a favourite with smokers. The buds look beautiful and taste beautiful. The Diesel is famous for its distinct smell and this hybred retains the smell while adding density and speed.  Flowering Time:   Indoors: 55 days Outdoors: Oct.5   THC: 17%   CBD: 0.2%
Indica 50%, Sativa 50%
FEMINIZED 5 seeds @ $50

Purple Romulan  (Romulan and Purple Pineberry) feminized is finally here! This is a great strain for the beginner or the professional grower. A very high resin production strain, ideal for extracts and oils. This seed is a hybred between 2 of British Columbia’s most classic strains.   Flowering time: Indoor: 50 days   Outdoors: Sept. 30 – Oct. 5
FEMINIZED 5 seed pack $50

NY PURPLE DEISEL Our special Diesel selection that we’ve been working with since 2000 has a very strong smell and enjoyable high. This strain is easy to grow and many of the plants have purple tinted buds. Medium yield strain, but the great flavour makes up for it. More pest resistant than many other varieties.
Flowering Time:  Indoors: 55-60 days  THC: 17-19%  CBD: 0.3-0.8%
FEMINIZED 5 seeds @ $50

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