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SickMeds Seeds passion is to share with the rest of the canna community genetics that either are no longer available.  
With over ten years experience and an obsession to track down such genetics we are able to bring old lines back to life, and to be shared with everyone. We are now working closely with canna labs and research in order to gain further appreciation of cannabinoid qualities and properties of our strains.  This allows us to develop strains with knowing what each parent will contribute in terms of cannabinoid percentages and whether these match when breeding. At present we are assessing the effectiveness of plant tissue culture.

Chupacabra is our special sativa hybrid! It is crossed between our mother of The Wreck and our male Strawberry Fire selected to add an exceptionally high resin yield and an old-school hashy incense & kush flavour. As a result of this pairing our Chupacabra delivers gorgeous plants whose budding offers a pleasantly potent and psychedelic sativa high with the added benefit of great resin production. Chupacabra will be ready in 8 - 10 weeks, due to the high sativa influence, plants are long limbed and prefer to be trained, which will also help to maximize production. FEMINIZED 3 seed pack  $45
Type: Indica/Sativa 25/75    Line: Wreck IBL (aka Trainwreck IBL BCO) x Strawberry Fire   Flowering: 60 - 70 Days

PSYCHO CRACK A transatlantic fusion of two infamous clone only strains, the UK's sought after Psychosis meets the Green Crack clone out of the USA. The intention was to blend these two strains as it was felt there were complimentary characteristics from both strains in terms of plant structure and growth in addition to complimenting each other in flavour and effect.  
Both plants have a reputation of producing aromatic buds with the potential to show purple hues with cooler temperatures. Side branching on both strains is a common trait and has shown to come through in testing.  Supporting of colas is still recommended during SCROG set ups which perform well, although it responds well to topping and training.
Expect harvests of good yields as both parents are renowned for this.  Fresh carbon filters are strongly recommended.
Most feedback received suggested this is NOT a so called daytime smoke.  
FEMINIZED 3 seed pack $45
Type: Indica/Sativa 30/70
Line: Exodus Psychosis x Green Crack
Flowering: 55 - 65 Days

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