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Nectar Collector glass with diffused water chamber and 14mm titanium nail.  Fill chamber with water for cooling and heat nail tip with torch and touch to concentrate in dab dish and inhale through open end.  Simple to use and is very effective.
$60 with free delivery within Canada.

Butane Vape/Pipe will support your distinct desires and expectations. The most inexpensive portable (5" x .7") herbal vaporizer weighs 2.5 oz and allows 5-8 draws from your herb per load.  This click and vape vaporizer works on butane gas and it's totally functional in a couple of seconds with just a click. It has 4 tiny elements, included in this a integrated butane-refillable torch lighter. The is a steel chamber where the herb is loaded. There is also a charcoal filter and a silicone mouthpiece.  Butane not included.    
· There is a small screw on the bottom to adjust the flame height.
· The charcoal filter can be removed and washed with soap and water.  Some people remove the charcoal filter altogether and use it without a filter.  Some people prefer to insert a portion of a white filter tip to act as a filter.
· It is recommended you use a high grade or medical grade butane to fill (at the bottom).
· Do not over pack the herb chamber.  
$ 10 plus shipping.

The SToK Vaporizer brings the most innovative and stealth features to the world of Oil Vaporizers. By combining Dutch inspiration, German precision and American creation, SToK was able to develop the world’s finest portable vaporizing device. This compact and lightweight unit can be used almost anywhere without bringing unwanted attention to yourself. It’s very simple to operate and includes one long-lasting battery pack, a cartridge/tip and a USB Charger.
The Stok Vaporizer is a powerful pen style vaporizer. Don’t let the size fool you; this little guy can pack a powerful punch. It is available in a matte black, and is perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.
Features- Stealth design, long lasting battery, Ultra compatible 510 threading
Specifications- approximately 6.5 inches long
What materials are compatible:  dry herbs, waxy concentrates, e-liquids and essential oils
Kit includes:  1x battery, 1x heater cover, 1x heater chamber, 1x cartomizer, 1x mouthpiece
Warranty- Stok Offer a full lifetime warranty on all of its products, save for shipping and processing charges that may ensue. They offer two options within the warranty provided that your first fill out a warranty service form. You can send your product back to Stok and have them evaluate, troubleshoot, and refurbish the unit. However, you may also send the product back to Stok and get a brand new unit with only a $10 upcharge.
How it Works- The Stok Vaporizer works in similar way to every other pen style vaporizer. Simply load your materials into the corresponding chamber. Press the power button 5 times rapidly to power on, and simultaneously press the power button down again and inhale. For more detailed instruction on working each chamber, be sure to reference your instruction manual.
Cleaning and Maintenance-Do not get the battery wet, as this could pose a safety hazard. Clean the chamber with a damp cotton swab. You can use wither rubbing alcohol or warm water and soap.
$75 free shipping within Canada

ZIG ZAG STEALTH VAPORIZER can reach vaporizing temperatures in a matter of seconds. No waiting around for the heating element to reach a high enough temperature. Just press the button and you're ready to start vaporizing within 10 seconds.
This Kit Includes:
•1 - Lithium Ion Battery
•1 - Ceramic heating chamber
•1 - Refillable Cartridge for liquid
•1 - USB Charger
•1 - User Manual
How to use the Liquid Clearomizer:
Unscrew mouthpiece from clearomizer.  Hold clearomizer at a 45 degree angle and fill liquid along the sidewall, making sure not to fill the center hole and not exceeding ¾ of the way full.  Replace the mouthpiece and attach the battery.  Press the power button and inhale gently for 5-7 seconds while holding the button down.
How to use the Dry Herb Chamber:
Remove mouthpiece from the cartridge.  Fill the heating chamber with your desired dry herbal blend, making sure to only use a maximum of 3 pinches to ensure optimal airflow.  Reattach the mouthpiece and allow spring to press material down.  Twist the cartridge onto the battery.  Press the power button and inhale gently for 5-7 seconds while holding the button down.
$35 plus free shipping within Canada (contact us for shipping fees outside of Canada)

BOSS Vapor Co mini vape includes battery, charger and comes with extra atomizer, dab tool and hard cover case.  Intended for use withconcentrates.  Do not overfill heating chamber.  $30 with free shipping within Canada.

The Buck Naked Skinny features a 6ml tank, 250 puffs on a full charge, a 3-click locking system and is covered by a 6 month limited warranty.  It comes with a USB charger to recharge the battery.  A full charge will take 1-2 hours. The tank is re-fillable.
Intended for e-juice or diluted concentrates.  
$15 with free shipping in Canada.

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